Be Obsessed or Be Average

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“Be Obsessed or Be Average”
Franco Cabral | inMark Media | CEO

I saw a huge gateway for change after reading Grant Cardone’s book “Be Obsessed or Be Average.” I always try to lead inMark with care and attention. But, Cardone’s book taught me to be more and to achieve more in all aspects of my life. Cardone’s lessons helped me create a work environment that generates both individual and business growth. The book had the biggest impact on our overall team desire for growth and learning. It’s what planted the seed.

Motivation and Dedication

The culture we have created at inMark focuses on team-building and both individual and company-wide motivation. These concepts are directly related to the lessons Grant Cardone elaborates on in his book.

The book taught me that the culture of a company is dependent on the theme that the leaders wish to create.

Whether it’s a strict, suit-and-tie, every-man-for-himself environment, or a team-building, motivational one like inMark, consistency will determine its success. Basically, Cardone preaches that you can create the culture you want if you are consistent, because that’s what builds trust within your team.

And trust is exactly what we have worked so hard to build. Marco and I took the lessons from Cardone’s book and implemented them in managing our employees. We taught our team to take ownership and control of their individual tasks and projects by starting from step one: themselves. We hold ourselves to reaching our best versions by setting goals on a monthly basis, holding monthly meetings, and staying consistent with any of the cultural changes we’ve implemented. If your team knows you work hard and fast everyday, it raises the bar for everyone.

Something great—not something perfect

When we started inMark, we knew they had something great brewing—but not something perfect. Cardone’s book warns against perfection before release. Human nature yearns for a perfected product, project, company, or event before releasing it to the public. But, most of the time, perfect never happens. With help from Cardone’s book, we overlooked perfection and began our business instead. Specifically he [Grant Cardone] says ‘something done is better than perfect.’ Let’s create it. Let’s do it and get it moving.

Don’t let doubt win

Doubt is inevitable, whether it’s a product of your own mind or someone else’s. But, doubt becomes troublesome when it comes from those you’re close with, those you’re connected with and relate to. Cardone talks about the difference in a Hater and Naysayer in his book. The distinction is important to understand. Haters are outsiders. They’re people who talk negatively about your ambitions and progress. They’re the ones who are easily tuned out. Naysayers, on the other hand, are the people who care about you. The mothers, fathers, husbands, and wives who worry about your safety, your economic stability, and quality of life. Cardone has a lot of questions that make you think bigger. He has a section on being obsessed. If you want success you need to be obsessed with it. In any aspect of your life, a professional athlete, a great father.

You can have it all

The lessons I learned from Cardone’s book weren’t all business-related. When it comes to goals, you need to dream big, but not unrealistically. Cardone’s goal-setting technique “10x” introduces a concept that we have applied into our monthly employee meetings and also our individual lives.

For example, something I started implementing daily that helped with focus and self motivation was starting and ending my day by writing 10x goals. 10x emphasizes the idea of dreaming bigger and refocusing on the things most important in all aspects of life before sleep and as soon as you wake up. At moments in my life I’ve had a lot of success in business at the detriment to other aspects of my life. This made me think of all the important things in my life. I have become a better husband, a better father, a better leader, because I focused on all aspects. I didn’t just focus on growing the business and sales.

Who’s Grant Cardone?

Grant Cardone is a classic started-from-the-bottom, self-made, mega-millionaire story. Since the start of his career, Cardone sold real estate and cars, was a sales professional and an expert marketer. After recovering from alcohol and drugs at 25, he began selling cars and instantly became obsessed with the success. His obsession created a spiral effect that led to continued success in other industries. Eventually he created Cardone University, a sales training service that is used by millions of people today.

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Franco Cabral’s career has built quite the reputation through his consistent achievement and relentless pursuit to provide excellence for his clients, an honor that had his name recognized on Westchester magazine’s list of the “Most Impressive Under-30 Business Professionals”. From a young age, Franco developed a passion for sales and working with small to medium sized business owners. His father an entrepreneur for over 25 years, and mother a CEO of an Urgent Care Center, were both immigrants from the Dominican Republic who instilled a sense of community and hard work that resonates in everything he does. Franco began working at a supermarket advertising company, Adcorp Media Group, which gave him his first opportunity to learn about the business that would end up being his passion and prowess. In 2009, he was appointed SVP of National Sales and only a year later, Cabral’s top-shelf performance earned him the title of COO. His unique insight into the Latino market allowed Franco to lead the company in developing the new sister company. Adcorp Latino, an initiative focused specifically on the Latino market.