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Most of us want to be our own boss, not limited to a typical 9 to 5. Sophia Amoruso made it happen, all while coining the term “Girlboss”. #Girlboss is an autobiography about how Sophia created Nastygal, which then lead to her other business endeavors. She started Nastygal as an eBay store selling clothes that she operated from her bedroom, into a growing business being named the “Fastest Growing Retailer” in 2012.

I chose this book because I wanted to learn more about Sophia’s journey and the lessons she learned along the way. From being fired from her day jobs and relatively broke, to building a #Girlboss empire, and really coining a term that everybody uses today and empowers women. I heard of this book through Sophia’s podcast “Girlboss Radio” and I also follow her on Instagram where she promotes her projects. I’d recommend this book to anyone in need of motivation to jumpstart his or her career or own business. Sophia’s tone throughout the entire book is relatable, comical, inspiring, and motivating. She shares her story from being at rock bottom to reaching the top, and how she was the same person throughout the journey, now she’s just wiser and way more experienced.

 “Treat your mind like your money; don’t waste it.”

This quote is so simple yet so powerful. People don’t like wasting their money, but live their lives filling their mind with pointless fillers to pass time. Don’t waste it! Use your mind to better yourself and learn something.

Learning is always a priority for me. After reading #Girlboss, I keep in mind a lot of Sophia’s lessons. She always did what it took to complete the job. She went the extra mile when necessary. This book inspires me to be confident in my ability and to stay true to who I am, and who I want to be, as a businesswoman and an individual. #Girlboss means being the boss of your own life, which is why I posted a #Girlboss image above my desk on my vision board as a constant reminder. At the end of the day, your choices are what create your reality. Find inspiration anywhere and everywhere. Sophia landed on the name “NastyGal” one night when she heard lyrics by Betty Davis. Working at inMark Media, what I want anyone to takeaway from #Girlboss is to be open to learning. Whatever you do, you can always learn. Sophia as an entrepreneur, had to wear many hats. She learned on the fly, and had to do whatever it took to make it happen.

Arianna Mastrandrea 

Arianna has a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Advertising from Pace University, and is putting it to great use here at inMark Media. She is one of our graphic designers and like everyone else, is a crucial part to our success. She enjoys the creative freedom of graphic designing but not as much as her dog, Taylor Swift, and her iced or hot coffee.

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