Think and Grow Rich

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Think and Grow Rich
Leo Espinal | inMark Media | Sales Representative

The introduction was only the beginning. Carnegie ultimately became Hill’s advisor. And, with Carnegie’s guidance and connections, Hill conducted a philosophy of success that he illuminates in his book Think and Grow Rich. The book includes success stories from many prosperous individuals and entrepreneurs such as Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Theodore Roosevelt, William Taft, among others. A large part of Hill’s book focuses on the habits of his interviewees. He molded the lessons from his interviews into a step by step procedure to success that includes daily habits, choices and the importance of your surrounding company.

Hill’s overall lesson boils down to this: spend time around people you aspire to be. After reading this book, I noticed my own development after working closely with successful CEO and COO of inMark, Franco and Marco respectively. Focusing on your immediate company stuck out to me the most. I’m surrounded by Marco and Franco who are successful entrepreneurs. I aspire to be a successful entrepreneur myself one day and run my own clothing company. So, their habits are important to my future.

Surrounding yourself with good company is sometimes difficult enough, but figuring out which company you aspire to be like may be a whole other challenge.

The first step to establishing your goal is understanding your personal desire.

It’s one of Hill’s first rules that gets the ball rolling on achievement. If you don’t have the passion you won’t give it your full attention. When you half ass something, you get half ass results.

Once desire is accomplished, focus shifts to attainment. To accomplish your greatest goals, visualization of your desires is imperative. Basically, envisioning or believing where you want to be and what you want to do is real and achievable. For example, when first working with inMark, I found myself struggling with initial interactions. Speaking up was intimidating and I preferred sitting in silence in a chair over engaging in conversation. But, I knew what my goals were at the time, and after spending some time around Marco and Franco, my confidence started to grow. Marco and Franco’s good habits and confidence began to exude in me. I now have the confidence I need when I’m prospecting or on the phones. Even if someone says ‘no’ I know my goals are still attainable.

Now you have the desire, the companionship, and the vision. All that’s left is the transition.

Turning your goals into action requires proper strategic and organized planning. It’s not simple, but it is essential.

And, that’s exactly why inMark implements monthly goal-setting meetings with all their employees.

We set up a SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-based) goal every month that helps us turn our professional and personal goals from desires to actions. Creating and accomplishing these goals means someone is always checking up on you.

Hill’s procedure to success is essentially guaranteed. Whether your goal is financial stability, to create a 6 figure company, or achieve personal happiness, the step by step habits Hill introduces in his book can lead you there. No goal is too big, and no goal is too small.

Leo Espinal
Leandro Espinal is a sales representative at inMark media. He is known for his appealing personality, positivity, and assertive tone that all contribute to his success as a professional. When not working at inMark, Leo focuses on getting his clothing line up and running with fellow co-workers/friends Nedsky Toledo and Chris Polio. He is grateful for all of the opportunities and knowledge inMark has given him.

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